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Reading Shelf: March

Made a little more progress in reading last month. This month, here are the books on my shelf I’ll pull from:

Off the shelf from Jan-Feb:

Reading Shelf: February

This reading shelf thing actually worked pretty well for me last month. I’ve read more than I have in two years. Part of that is because I can finally concentrate (on certain days) and part of that was because I had some reading deadlines. I had to stray from my plan a little because a couple of months ago I put holds on some Brené Brown books at the library. They each had hundreds of holds on them. Well, all three came up this month and what that means is that I have to had them read in three weeks because they won’t be able to be renewed. I’m not sure if that will happen, but I’m going to try.

So, when I pick a book to read this month, here are the books on my shelf (no more to be added):

Off the shelf from January:

My 2016 Reading Shelf: January

Last year, I had a post of 30 something books I wanted to read in 2015. Yeah…that was a fail. While my long-term goal is to read that much, I realize that I needed to break it down more and be more realistic. So, I’ve adopted a Reading Shelf list for January, and I’m not going to add to my shelf until some of the other books come off. That way I am at least accomplishing something. 

Last year, I started a few books, but didn’t finish very many, if any. So my first goal is to finish some of those 2015 books, finish a couple of new ones I started over Christmas, as well as do some “research” reading I need to do this month for a speaking project and a couple of book groups. I also want to keep at least one fiction book on the shelf. So, when I pick a book to read this month, here are the books on my shelf: