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You know the expression “don’t lose the forest for the trees.” I deeply get its meaning. I’m a person that easily gets lost in the forest taking notice of the trees. It’s not difficult for me to observe details, both good and bad. It takes much more discipline for me to step back and notice the big picture and not get lost in it all. The details, good and bad, all fit together to make one big beautiful whole.

In the midst of living this ordinary life, with all it’s struggles and joys, I find the thing that gives me the most hope and peace is intentionally reminding myself of the big picture of it all. As we live in the tension of the already and not yet, we live ordinary lives full thousands of daily details that are moving in the direction of God uniting all things in Him (Eph 1:10). Remembering this gives me peace because it helps me to trust that God is working in my struggles, that they matter to him and that I matter to Him. But remembering it also helps me to understand it’s not just about the details of my life. Although details matter, it’s all so much bigger than me. God is building his Kingdom on earth, just as it is in heaven. And as Jesus taught, we pray (and live) toward that end (Matthew 6:10).

It’s with this in mind that I’m going to start posting reflections along these lines on this blog and on Instagram (@thebigpictureblog). I so often need the reminder of the beauty of the big picture, and I hope it’s a source of encouragement for others.