Dear Five Readers,

If you are reading this in May of 2015 you are most likely a good friend of mine. I probably love you very much. Thanks for reading. You’ve always been a big support to me. If you aren’t a friend of mine and you somehow found this blog, thanks for taking the time to read. I hope you see my heart in some way. Know that I recognize I’m still in process, but God is redeeming that somehow, someway. Also, feel free not to read this particular post. As a head’s up…it’s BORING!

At any rate, I wanted to inform my readers as to how I am approaching the progression of this blog. First, I recognize that while I think I have some things to say, I’m not the best writer. I’ve admitted that before and know I need to work on it. However, as a friend suggested in a comment, I need to stop apologizing for my writing. I thought that was good advice. So I am going to stop apologizing (effective now) because I know it is imperfect, and I know that is both okay and not okay at the same time. After being crippled by that for a while, I decided that at the present moment, I am choosing not to focus too much on writing skill (which means if you continue to read, you will have to suffer through some bad grammar. Hey, I’m all about exposure therapy- if you tense up when there is bad writing, just think of reading my blog as a way to help you to practice being content in tense situations. And if it really, really bothers you, you will see below in stage six I am taking free editorial help ;)) I am planning to progress my blog in the following stages and hopefully you will see the improvement as I progress:

Stage 1: Get in the habit of posting regularly, regardless if it is substantial post (ie posting quotes, past pictures, articles, etc.)

Stage 2: Work on writing longer, thoughtful articles and post in timely manner (even if that means limited editing)

Stage 3: Read regularly to generate ideas and indirectly improve writing skills

Stage 4: Work on gathering graphics/taking pictures for posts

Stage 5: Work on the mechanics of writing

Stage 6: Engage editors to help improve writing

Stage 7: Work on consistency of look, theme, content of blog

Stage 8: Re-evaluate and come up with updated blog plan

I’m sure that not to many people share their blogging plan. But, it’s a miracle that I even am blogging anything, so whatever helps get that going I’m going to do- be it sharing plans for accountability, confession, posting things just to get in the regular habit- I’m gonna press on.

So, again, thanks for reading. It is an honor to be able share some of my thoughts and interests.



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