I’ve got a post in the docket about my thoughts on mental illness in the church. (World, are you ready?) In the meantime, I wanted to share some on-line articles/videos I’ve recently looked at on the topic:

Distigamatize Mental Health– A video interview with Michi Marshall on the Propel Woman website. Something she said in this video has really encouraged me as I strive to live my life with the challenges of OCD, “it’s not about diminished potential, it’s about changed potential.”

A New Approach to Mental Illness in the Church – A strong statement from author Ed Stetzer, “But, let me be direct here: if we immediately dismiss the possibility of mental illness and automatically assume spiritual deficiency, our actions amount to spiritual abuse. I know those are powerful and pointed words, but I believe them to be true. Please, don’t miss them.”

How Churches Can Respond to Mental Illness – Another thoughtful post from Ed Stetzer.

Making The Church A Safe Place for Mental Illness – A great start of the conversation by Stephen Altrogge.

What Christians Need To Know About Mental Health – Authentic (as always) writing from Ann Voskamp about her own family struggles with mental illness.

Any articles I should add to the list?

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