Meet Mis Faux- my fake cheapo Christmas tree I’ve had such a joy putting together for the past two years. I’m ready to take on the next 20 some days in all their potential crazy!


You know I used to loathe Christmas time. I was so overcome with expectations of myself and fear of man that all joy was sucked out of it just trying to keep up. Two years ago in the midst of suffering, I couldn’t even bring myself to fake it and cancelled Christmas in our home. Battling OCD helped start to free me from a lot of things, including my tendency to moralize personal preferences– Like the real vs. fake tree debate.  Why can’t you have joy getting your real tree with homemade ornaments & I have joy putting up my fake tree with matchy, glittery ornaments, and we all just be amazed by grace that in both of those instances there was joy. We CAN be that way. Joy > judgment of self and others. And this Christmas, I’m fighting for joy. Wanna fight with me?

This year, I’m fully intending to celebrate the incarnation of my Savior, remembering that when He came He lived the life I could not live- perfectly embodying Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love. I’m asking The Lord to help me to lay down my ideas of holiday perfection and expectations and every day remember that Immanuel means God with us. He really is WITH US, helping us to walk in newness of life and live in Hope, Joy, Peace and Love. I needed Immanuel and He showed up and He gave me the precious gift of Himself. Let’s live this month in a supernatural way that could only be possible by the glory and power of His presence.

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