I found that in December I wrote more on my blog because I had unintentionally picked a theme for the month, and then as a result, I had a writing prompt for each week. That theme was Advent. My overall blog theme isn’t super cohesive at this point. I am still hoping that will evolve. I look back and I’m mostly writing about fear, I think.

Well, this month I am going to pick another theme/writing prompt. That theme is church planting. For most of my readers, I’m guessing this theme isn’t that interesting, but it’s where I find myself these days. I feel this need to continue to prepare in all ways possible in this last month, whether it be reading, writing out my feelings or story, building my faith, or dealing with my fears.

So that’s what to expect for the rest of the month on this space: all things connecting church planting and my soul.

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