Now that I’ve written about moralizing preferences, I feel like I can add to my “About Me” page. I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself. And just so you know, even though you may be completely different from me- we can still be friends.

1. I love Jesus. I’ve always been fairly open about this, but after a year of trial- I find that I can’t stop talking about Him and what He did for me. So, this blog is a lot about that.

2. I love Chris. He’s my hubs, my best friend and we are each other’s biggest fans (but like Husker fans- we still let you know when you mess up. Haha). I can say that we are legit soul mates. Yet, we are very, very different. We believe marriage is a covenant, and so we are seeking to grow to love each other more each day. So, this blog is a little about that.

3. I “have” OCD. I’m not sure what to think about labeling myself with this, but nevertheless, the struggle is real.I’ve found that the lessons I’ve learned through OCD don’t just apply to getting over a mental illness, but living well in the tensions of life. I reference this or write about it quite a bit. It’s the thing God has used to teach me most about myself and life and especially grace.  I definitely don’t want this blog to be only about that, but I also don’t want to pretend it’s not a reality of my life. I will say this, though. OCD is not the final word in my life. Grace is the final word.

So the above are three of the biggies. I’m sure there are more biggies, but I’m starting with those. In addition, I am “into” a few other things. These are a few of my favorite things:

  • Musicals (see what I did there)
  • Anything Jane Austen (from the actual novels, to movies and fan fiction)
  • Period piece movies/shows (an extension of my love for Jane- BBC & Masterpiece you are my dear friends)
  • Reading (a hobby that I picked up from marrying an English teacher)
  • Super Hero movies (a rub-off from my hubs- Captain America is my fave because in my heart I’m a patriot & freedom matters)
  • Trader Joes (serious fan. everytime my husband would suggest a place to move, I would see how close a Trader Joes was before giving my opinion)
  • Homemade chocolate desserts (actually homemade any desserts)
  • Coffee (But I am a coffee snob, so I have my limits here)
  • Dark chocolate (no side-comment needed)
  • Talking theology/philosophy with my hubs (this one has it’s limits because his knowledge far exceeds my own, but we philosophize a lot)
  • Joking with my hubs (we laugh a lot in our home- like A LOT)
  • Shopping/style (there have been times in my life when I tried to pretend that I didn’t care about this, but I realize it’s just a part of me and that’s okay)
  • Asking strategic questions (I thoroughly enjoy gathering information and making assessment of things)
  • Taking pictures (even though I’m not that good at it)
  • Life-planning (I can make a really good to-do list, but still need to work on the follow through)
  • Teaching (I learned I loved this through a job I had once. I wish I could do it more)
  • History (prob why I love period pieces)
  • Traveling (love exploring, especially with the hubs)
  • Food (I am not an adventurous person except when it comes to food. Love to try new things and restaurants)
  • Dancing (I smile the biggest when I’m dancing)
  • People-watching (This world is an interesting place)
  • Cooking, especially baking (I got this from my mom. I’m not the best cook, but I do enjoy it, especially now that I have a kitchen island)
  • Natural living (from essential oils to clean eating, I may not always choose it, but I am completely fascinated by it)
  • Simplistic living (Left to myself I have a tendency to clutter, so I like try to keep the “clear the clutter” “less is more” mantra in my head)
  • Frugal living (I’m not always super frugal but I follow frugal mommy blogs and I am a Dave Ramsey fan)

That’s a long list of some of my preferences. I’m guessing you have some different ones or don’t like some of mine. And that’s OKAY (except if you don’t like Jane- I’m not sure that is okay), because I can honestly say that I’ve learned the most about God from people who were different from me. And I’m kidding about Jane (but maybe not).

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